Understanding the Buyer

Understanding the buyer is one of the most requested online sales training courses from Grant Cardone. Better understanding your customer and how to effectively guide them through the sales process can be one of the most challenging tasks in selling. While the sales process itself should remain the same with every customer, almost every single customer is different. How then can you ensure that you are successful every customer, not just the easy ones? How do you handle the difficult customer? What about how to handle a customer asking for a discount?

These questions and more are the focus of this course. The material covers the most important rules in selling and also covers the 1 thing that every customer will pay more money for in a deal, and it is not what you think! From handling a customer and their concerns with money to understanding the REAL reason people actually buy anything understanding the buyer is vital to your success in selling.

What will you get:

  • Learn the #1 Rule in Selling
  • NEVER lose a deal over price
  • How to instantly build credibility
  • Develop the Power to Predict
The Magic of Agreement
  • The First Rule of Selling
  • The Agreement Challenge
  • The Agreement Drill
  • Trust is Critical to the Sale
  • Customers Don’t Make Sales, Salespeople Do
  • Credibility = Increased Sales
  • People Believe What They See, Not What They Hear
  • Use Third-Party Data to Validate
  • Tips on Using Information to Build Trust
  • A Great Attitude is Worth More Than a Great Product
  • Treat Them Like Millionaires
  • Daily Attitude
  • A Product of Your Environment
  • Tips to Have a Great Attitude
Give, Give, Give
  • The Magic of Give, Give, Give
  • Love The One You’re With
  • Level of Service
  • Make Service Senior to Selling
  • The Hard Sell
  • Closing is Like a Recipe
The Price Myth
  • It’s Almost Never Price
  • Love, Solve Problems, and Confidence
  • More on Price
  • Handling “Other” Concerns Handles Price
  • Justifying Price with Other Inventory
  • Salespeople Stop Sales, Customers Don’t
Your Buyer's Money
  • No Shortage of Money
  • The People Business, Not the “X” Business
  • The Most Interesting Person in the World

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