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KCB Cabinets

Carl, Owner

Leibel Insurance

Travis, COO

Christensen Automotive

Aaron & Andrew, CEO & COO

Flooring Superstore

Steph, Ryan, Brandon, Owners & Sales Rep


Western Kia

Jacob, GM

RDM Equipment

Steve, Owner

JP Subaru
Zach, Sales Rep

Circle Environment Solutions

Lucas, Owner

Laservalley Technologies

Tom, Sales Rep

Smart Haven Security 

Jason, Sales Manager


Nick, Sales Rep

Peterbilt Pacific

Karl, Sales Rep

They are killing it. February is usually a slower month (previous best February was 55K). They ended Feb 2021 at $122,000!
They are already at 90K for March. Usually a really good month pre-COVID would be 80K. He’s at the point now where they need to hire people — not an option not to anymore with the traffic they have.

Jon, Owner

Fine Oak Things

The program has been Astounding with how relevant the content is – if Dave Anderson had been here for a month then recorded the program after being here, that’s how it feels.
Also, Christa is a rockstar. I got on a call with her and was like, wow. Then at the end I thought, wow she’s just a rockstar. If she goes missing, you might know why.”

Kory, Owner


We signed up at the end of November 2020 and launched the Grant Cardone Sales training to the sales team right away. Just before Christmas we launched the Customer Service training to all our other staff which included the Parts, Service, and Admin team.
I have been very impressed how quickly all the sales team started watching training videos right away. The others followed suit. We have a consistent 95% participation rate.

Randy, General Manager

AG World Equipment

Before Cardone Academy, I was doing $40k-80k weekly then nothing for 2 eeeks then again 80k, since Cardone Academy, I haven’t hit under $150k a week for a month straight, so easily 300-400% increase. I was probably at like $160k monthly average, I’m doing that weekly now.

Jaime, Owner

MidCounty Solar

We did 78 units (47 new, 31 used in May, which is up 160% YOY. Last May we did 30.Looking like the switch from Marino to Cardone is paying off… in a pandemic!)

Kobi, Sales Manager

Calgary Harley Davidson

With a team as big as ours we used to have one guy doing things one way and another guy doing things his own way and managers had to adapt. Now guys come to the desk and we get the same information.

Josh Hudgins, Sales Manager

Hickory Toyota

When Ryan and I were first looking at setting up the training for our team, he offered the Dave Anderson portion and I had no interest in it whatsoever. Once  our team started on each they enjoyed both equally. We all enjoy the Dave Anderson information and are thoroughly pleased with the training it contains. Grandpa Dave is great and has a lot of fantastic information that is not geared towards sales which adds a different dynamic for the team. I couldn’t imagine not having that content…thank you to Ryan for making that happen.

Matt, Owner

Modern Purair

They have started out the year without the usual lull — morale is super high. In 2020 they smashed their target of 200 for 2020 which was a huge deal for them, especially with the crazy year — that’s put them up to an overall 48% increase in retail units over the last 2 years.

Finding that selfie videos are even more effective than their pro marketing videos — they get a better response on these. They’ve been sending them to e-leads, showing the exact model the person was interested in (rather than just brand new vehicles) and have been getting responses from customers asking to apply right away. Big thanks to GC and us for that.

Jacob, General Manager

Western Kia

We joined Cardone Academy in September 2020, right in the middle of a pandemic. When it comes to Sales, being restricted by little to no face-to-face customer interactions presented some new challenges. But that didn’t stop us; in fact, we just closed our highest sales quarter yet.

Through assigned courses, consistent check-ins, and weekly team video-calls, we’ve been able to run bootcamps with interactive role plays, as well as share experiences, challenges & successes. Some of the most impactful topics for our team include following-up and dealing with objections. 

Renelle, Coordinator

Proto 3000