Cardone Live Events

Sales Meetings: Watch Grant interact 1 on 1 with real salespeople.

Seminars: Missed Grant live in your city? Watch him here On-Demand. Grant Cardone live when you want him!

Keynotes: From small in-depth consultations to intimate roundtable sessions, Grant provides sales training solutions, sales tips, sales strategies and business expansion ideas.

What will you get:

  • Tap into the power of networking
  • Stay motivated no matter where you are in your career
  • Dominate in times of contraction
Vendes o Vendes
  • The #1 Biggest Challenge
  • The Power of Networking
  • A New Way to Do Business
  • Define Your Purpose
  • Selling Vs. Closing
  • Never Lower Your Targets
  • Pressure
  • Expansion
  • Complaint vs. Objection
  • How to Grow Your Business
  • Skills For Financial Security
  • What Is Sales?
  • Professional or Amateur
  • The Reason People Buy
  • Why People Don’t Like Sales
  • The Most Important Sale
  • What People Do With Their Money
  • Why Sales People Crash
  • How to Stay Sold
  • The Time is Now
  • Train Daily
Don't Compete, Dominate!
  • Getting to the Next Level
  • Dominate Don’t Compete
  • The New Economy
  • Make the News
  • Excuses vs. Expansion
  • Time
  • Certainty
  • Master Sales Person
  • Budget
  • The Biggest Problems
  • Get Out of Obscurity
  • The Second Level of Obscurity
  • Achieving Your Goals
  • Work
  • Money
  • Belief
  • The Success Formula
Market Traders Institute Skype Call
  • Market Traders Institute Skype Call

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